Would You Help Me If I Am Not Hot?! (Bassant-Eman)

Hypothesis: hot girls are more highly to get help

We chose to use the field experimental method of research.

The experiment:

We would get three girls of a varying degrees of attractiveness.

1- one will be so attractively dressed up

2- one will be moderately dressed up

3- one will be dressed up in a dull way

All of them would go to a certain place that has very long lines of people waiting for their turns. Each one of them would act as if she is in rush and ask the guys in the very long if she could take their turn. And we would register people’s reactions to every one of them every time.

Independent variable: the attractiveness of the girl

Dependent: receiving help

Advantages: it makes us achieve causal inferences

Disadvantages: – you can’t control all of other external variables, such as people’s circumstances (they could be in a hurry)- people’s background (education- social class).

– we also might lose our internal validity.


– people are of different backgrounds/ education

– Some guys would be in a rush  as well

– people’s reactions may vary according to the context

Conclusion: either the experiment would confirm our hypothesis or would refute it, and then we would modify the hypothesis and re-test it.


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