“You Have Been Brainwashed”

final version 33

Right now, Egypt is going through chaos and disintegration because of the discrimination and prejudices Egyptians are having about each other. Therefore, overbidding, distrust, and aggression is highly increasing.


This video I will make an attractive promo for the campaign, in which I will send fear-arousing and cognitive messages. This promo will be not only presented to the participants, but also showed in media. I will tempt the participants’ participation also by ensuring social media campaigns through Facebook and Twitter in order to publicize for these training sessions/revisited national dialogue, and give the masses the chance to express their doubts and opinions of the political figures. I would contact network TV stations to publicize also for this huge national dialogue that include a wide range of political leaders of different ideologies. Media has always been a strong temptation for the political leaders.

I would also write to my representative in parliament after a holding a petition that is a strongly recommended request to pass a law that penalizes the overbidding aggressive political discourse with a fine of L.E.1000.

final version 41

In trying to change Egyptian’s patriotic discrimination against each other and their overbidding aggressive discourse, I will seek behavior change, which will engage participants in counter attitudinal advocacy.

final version 31

My participants will be the parties’ leaders and common political figures. Political leaders have a great social influence on the masses. They can change and guide the masses’ behaviors and attitudes either implicitly or explicitly. They also train and teach people to be the future leaders, so accordingly they pass their attitudes and behaviors to the future leaders, and people simply conform.

final version 30

My main approach is through the revisited national dialogues or the training sessions that participants will have. These sessions will offer the participants with the contact they need to overcome their prejudices, maintaining the six necessary considerations to successfully reduce prejudice according to contact theory.



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